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Asynchronous SEO Advice


Power Half-hour

You fill out a form, and I give you a half-hour screencast showing you everything I would do if I were running SEO for your business.


SEO Strategy Call (1hr)

Sometimes people would rather jam in person. Respect.

Book a call and I'll help you dial in your SEO strategy.


Courses & Books

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For the power half-hour, all work is asynchronous. No meetings to sit through. No BS. Just services rendered. I'll spend a half-hour or so digging in, and then spend a half-hour explaining what I find.

For the SEO consultation call, you'll join me on a video chat during the time/day you specify.

I try to give the most effective and actionable advice so you know exactly how to move forward with your SEO strategy. In no particular order, these are the areas I typically cover:

  • Keyword Research: I'll find out what your customers search for on Google, and the most effective ways to reach them.
  • Competitor Analysis: I'll see how the competition is doing, and see if they have any strategies worth adopting.
  • Website audit: I'll poke around your website and see if I can break anything, or give advice on how to improve it for SEO.
  • Organic Content Roadmap: I'll combine all of the knowledge learned during the consultation and boil it down to the most effective way for you to move forward with SEO.

Or, whatever you want to focus on.

Just one person, me, Jordan O'Connor. I do not outsource work. All work is hand crafted by me.

In the last 4 years SEO has helped me generate over $1M for my business.

I'm Jordan O'Connor (@jdnoc), an electrical engineer turned writer and founder/owner/operator of a solo SaaS company Closet Tools.

Since the beginning of Closet Tools I focused on SEO as a marketing channel, and I have driven hundreds of thousands of organic clicks and $1.36M in revenue from just 6 effective blog posts.

Closet Tools Traffic

Closet Tools Revenue

I know how to get ranked on Google, produce content that drives traffic, and produce content that sells.

You might be wondering — "If you're so good, why are you starting an agency?" Good question.

There are two reasons:

  1. The market for a product like Closet Tools is dwindling. I'm hedging against its inevitable downfall.
  2. SEO is a fun and valuable problem to solve. I think I can help more people with my SEO skills than my products.

I'm reasonable. If you have any questions shoot me an email.