What is results intent SEO?

Keyword research and content that drives more traffic from Google and more customers for your business.

August 16, 2023

Results intent SEO is a keyword research and content production method used by companies trying to bring potential customers to their website.

Results intent means the searcher is looking for a specific result. This could be “more”, “better”, “less”, “how to”, etc.

For example:

  • Make more
  • Spend less
  • Grow faster
  • Best way
  • How to start


It’s similar to informational intent, but it adds a layer of complexity and orchestration that produces a specific result that the searcher would like.

Rather than simply answering questions, results intent content leads a reader through steps and ideas that will generate results they want.

It adds more context, more structure, and adds more information that might be helpful in leading the reader towards a desirable goal.

A primer on search query intention

When people search for things on Google, there are a handful of reasons why.

Maybe they’re trying to buy something Maybe they’re looking for information. Maybe they’re looking for a specific website. Maybe they’re looking for comparisons and reviews.

These are the most common “intents” that SEOs focus on. Transactional, informational, navigational, and commercial.

When someone is looking to buy something right now they’re not looking for an article reviewing the product. They want a product checkout page.

When someone wants to find comparisons and reviews of a product they’re not looking to buy right now. They want to find expert reviews and insight.

The useful thing about query intention is it allows you to produce the right piece of content for the right intention.

If you target every intention with a blog post, you might do okay, but it’s not always the ideal user experience.

It’s important to adjust the type of content based on the intent that you’re targeting.

The problem with search intentions

Because search intentions are so well defined, Google has optimized search results to match the user’s intention.

Instead of simply providing links to content, Google presents rich information or links that leads to less clicks to websites.

For transactional intent, there’s Google shopping (or ads). For commercial intent, there’s ads. For informational intent, there’s snippets. For navigational intent there’s the obvious number 1 result.

All of these Google search enhancements mean it’s harder to stand out for traditional search intents.

And with the introduction of generative AI, it’s only going to get harder to drive traffic to your website using organic content.

So, how can you drive traffic from the right searchers to your website that leads to more customers?

Read on.

How results intent SEO is better for your business

Results intent SEO is better for your business because it’s content that is highly specific (relevant to the searcher), but also too complex to fit in a featured snippet.

It’s also a method that’s not highly competitive, because there aren’t many ads running on results intent keywords.

Because of this, it’s one of the few methods of generating organic traffic from Google that can target your potential customers without much impedance from Google.

It’s also better for your business because it allows you to present your product as part of the path to the reader’s desired results.

Rather than simply giving the reader more information, you can present your product as a solution to their problem.

Your product isn’t the only solution to achieving desired results, and you don’t have to make it seem that way, but you can let the reader know that their problems will be solved if they use your product or service.

This builds trust with the reader, generating more customers for your business. People that aren’t interested in the product simply move on, but it still builds trust with them because you gave them valuable information.

Trust is the ultimate transactional currency on the internet.

Once you have a reader’s attention, and you can generate trust with them, you have a much better chance they will become a customer of your business.

The Rank To Sell course shows you exactly how to find results intent keywords, and produce results intent content, so you can get more customers for your business using SEO.